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your impact projects

Imagine Impact Bonds makes your impact bond issuance easy and effective.

Powered By Leading Experts

15 years experience in impact finance 

17 years experience in securitisation vehicles

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What is Imagine?

Imagine Impact Bonds is an independent white-label issuance platform for impact project bonds, notes and certificates.
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Imagine is a collaboration between Innpact SA, a leading impact finance advisory and management company, and Opportunity, an experienced manager of securitization vehicles.

The platform is setup as a Securitisation Vehicle under Luxembourg Law with segregated compartment for each impact project bond issuance. This allows for high efficiency and tailoring at the same time.

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Each security is issued under a solid use of proceeds impact framework aligned with the highest standards such as the Green, and Social Bond Principles and the Sustainability Guidelines of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

Why Impact Bonds?

Securitisation is a powerful tool to finance impact projects in a fast and cost-efficient manner while meeting the structuring, transferability and transparency standards required by institutional impact investors.


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Impact Bonds



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Project Bonds


Issuing an impact project bond through Imagine enables you to reach out to a broader range of investors with a high impact-quality bond guided by an impact finance expert. While benefiting from an existing issuance programme, each bond can be tailored to the needs of the project (term, instalments, currency, single or multiple loans, blended finance).

Is Imagine for you?

Imagine is the financing solution partner of impact project developers, impact investment advisors and impact fund managers that intend to generate a positive social and environmental impact and robustly monitoring and measuring it.

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Finance your impact project(s) through a transferable security

Imagine Impact Bonds - icon Impact Investment Advisors

Put your impact investment strategy at work, one bond project at a time

Imagine Impact Bonds - icon Fund Managers

Use syndication to facilitate the structuring of co-investment strategies

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How does it work?

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Align Your Impact Values

· Classify the use of funds
· Establish a clear link to SDG targets
· Align to the Imagine Framework
· Design the impact report

Structure & launch your bond

· Select the issuing program
· Model Cash flow and pricing
· Tailor the legal documentation
· List on favourite stock exchange
· Place with targeted investors

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Monitor & report your impact

· Report quarterly based on standard templates
· Prepare annual reporting on the use of funds and impact
· Get regularly monitored by Imagine and optional external audit

Your benefits

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With our existing securitisation vehicle and streamlined issuance process, launch your impact bond within 4-6 weeks

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With our all-in-one services getting your impact bond project off the ground and managing it is headache free

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With our high quality bonds, get access to new types of investors and bring your impact project to new heights

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With our impact finance expertise, meet the highest impact reporting standards to convince your investors

Join Imagine!

Imagine taking your next steps with us. 
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